Landmarks in the surroundings of Manduria

Discovering Manduria and Salento

Spending the holidays in Manduria and Salento means immersing yourself in places by the stunning landscape, basking in the sun on beautiful white sand beaches in front of the most beautiful sea of Italy, explore a picturesque hinterland of unspoilt countryside.



Town from messapic origins located between the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce, in a territory rich in natural beauty. It is the area of production of red wine DOC Primitivo di Manduria and many wineries offering wine tastings and guided tours to vineyards. Worth visiting the old town with its narrow streets, the Chiesa Madre, dating from the fifteenth century, the Quartiere Ebraico in the medieval period, the Clock Tower and several noble palaces including the Imperial Palace-Filotico built on the ruins of a castle medieval.

Fonte Pliniano

The Parco Archeologico and the Fonte Pliniano

The story of Manduria dates back to the Messapi, in evidence of this past are still today the Mura Megalitiche and Fossato surrounding the city. The Fonte Pliniano is a perennially well fed by an underground water table, described by Plinio il Vecchio in his Historia Naturalis. The Parco Archeologico delle Mura Messapiche with about 2,500 graves is the largest necropolis messapica ever discovered and the Church of San Pietro Mandurino, also included in the archaeological park, probably dates back to the Hellenistic period.

Bosco Cuturi

Natural Protected Area falling in the territory of Manduria, Bosco Cuturi, extended over 35 hectares, it is the ideal habitat for numerous plant and animal species. In recent years there have been interventions to improve the conservation status and make it accessible by the local and tourist communities and you can visit it freely for walking with the whole family or outdoor sports in a quiet and peaceful setting. Even within the Bosco have been found several messapic rock-cut tombs.

Torre Colimena

Torre Colimena and Salina dei Monaci

Along a stretch of coast along well 18 kilometers belonging to the territory of Manduria, a must is Colimena tower, small fishing village, which takes its name from the ancient watchtower. In its territory lies the Natural Protected Area of Salina dei Monaci, extended over 25 hectares, of strategic importance for the rest of pink flamingos and other migratory birds that attending it. It is the ideal place for birdwatching, jogging and walking outdoors.

Punta Prosciutto

Punta Prosciutto

Beautiful stretch of coast characterized by unspoiled nature, free beach of fine white sandy, dunes covered with centuries-old Mediterranean vegetation and amazingly clear sea with crystal clear waters. This paradise in Salento is frequented mostly by families because of the shallow water and the wide visibility that allows a good children watch. It is a place very much appreciated by young people and sportsmen who practice windsurfing, diving and sailing.

Campomarino di Maruggio

Campomarino di Maruggio

Very well known for the beauty of its sea and a stretch of very varied Ionian coast. It is a succession of high dunes and cliffs that enclose small bays with exotic colors. The sea water has a particular color due to fresh water springs on the sea floor and an amazing clarity. A Campomarino there is the only port between Taranto and Porto Cesareo, divided into tourist port with mooring for small boats and fishing port that feeds a small fish market in the summer.

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